Hard work vs. 'Smart' work

Counting down to the end of January.
It’s been an awesome one month ride!!
Fresh start, getting it right, character development, identifying talents and learning skills.
This is the last week of January but not the last of me.
One important character of winners is persistence, they keep pressing, no quitting till they hit the mark. Hard work is persistence; it’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.
I will keep, keeping on, no dulling, I can do all things.
I will work smart too, meaning: I will put my mind to it; I will make sure my presentation is appealing.
I will pay attention to details, no room for 'cut and join' or shabbiness. A man of excellence stands out and will always keep ahead of peers.
Hard work is the first step for smart work because hard work gives the experience which enables us to think smartly on the easiest way to solve the problem.
With hard work and smart work, I will achieve my New Year resolution.
Let’s share views, please drop your comments would like to hear from you.
Thanks and stay blessed.

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