What is it about character?

Beautiful Sunday morning with chills from the cold harmattan wind.

I woke up; my mind went to the post on My New Year Resolution#FreshStart.

My honest desire is that the concerns of my heart be turned to testimony.
Who doesn't want that!

Fast-forwarding to the future, I started imagining how it would be like when I get my results.
I felt a smile spread across my face, anyone that saw me in that mood will be wondering what in the world I was thinking of, that's making me to smile to myself.

Words can’t be enough to express my feelings at that moment, as I savored my imaginary world.

Reality check: No matter how sweet my day dream is, nothing good comes easy. There’s a price to pay for success.
I have my goals 'penned' down but what must I do to achieve them, what are those things I did in the past that didn't work for me? What are those that worked??

This is a fresh start; I can't continue in my old ways and expect good.
At least I have this opportunity to make things right, I can’t afford to let it slip away.

No one can make this change but me. I know myself more than anyone knows me. It's in me to make it or break it.
How committed am I to make that change?

No more justifying my actions, wrong is wrong, even if you wear ‘dark’ glasses to look at it.
What is it about my character that needs to change for me to get results because the character of a man determines his worth
Would like to hear from you what do you think about the character and achieving goals?
Please drop your comments.


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