My New Year Resolution#FreshStart

The first week of January is always 'eventful'.
Not just because of the celebrations but also the buzz to make the New Year count.
You know how it is at the beginning of the year like December is so far but before you say 'hey', it's another Christmas.
And you're like when did this happen???
Obviously, time waits for nobody. So how do I make this year count?
What's it about New Year Resolution, do I need it???
What of the plans I made the year before that didn't work???
A lot of questions but the truth remains that a plan is necessary.
No ship sets sail without destination therefore my life can't be lived without a plan. I have heard severally that, 'a plan less life is a vision less life'.
Again 2015 is a fresh start that my plan didn't work last year means I should re-focus, strategist and do it better.
This is another opportunity to get things right and am committed to make the change needed.
Yes, it's a fresh start and I will keep my faith alive!!
What do you think of  New year resolutions? free feel to share your thoughts.
Drop your comments.

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