I have got Talent, My Skill

There some things that happen in life, when you seat back to reflect on them, you will discover that there's a reason why it happened and that all things work together for good.
I remember growing up, I was never good in Mathematics or calculation even up till now, why bother with calculations when I can punch calculator 'pun pun' and get my answer.
But don't try me with English Language and Reading. I like writing a lot.
My writing is a natural ability though I didn't know; all I knew was that, am good in English, Government and other Arts subjects but never Math and Calculation.
God is gracious that He created us with talents.
Your talent is those abilities that come natural to you.
They're usually in 'raw material form' just like crude oil, they need to be tapped, refined, polished ,packaged to get a finished, consumable product like petrol.
It's good you discover your talent because talents are pointers to your destiny.
While you're on self-discovery, acquire skill, your skill could be your education, work, personal experience. Learn your skill because it will help you to polish your talent.
Do you have talent? what is that thing you’re good at, please share your opinion.

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