November to remember

Hey lovers!
how is you?
No need saying I missed you, you already know that right...
This is what happens when you're engulfed in self
Like my style of blogging is

May already: Why inspire

Last night as I was bathing somehow it came to my mind that it's the last day of the month

4th and counting.....

Good sunday morning
Welcome  to the first sunday in April
4th month and counting
What a joy!!!!
Today am sharing you

Lost but found...on the blog

Hello dearies
Happy resurrection morning!!!!
It's Easter and am happy to share
Lost but found......on the blog
I was overtaken by events
A lot happened between the space of three weeks I last posted
First the 'dollar-naira' exchange that affected prices of everyday commodities in Nigeria down to sachet water
Fuel scarcity and constant no light
Ok now down to my own weaknesses

Last Sunday February 2016

Hey dearies!!!!
How is everything? Hope all is well
Last Sunday February, thankful to be celebrating it on the blog with you
My February has been good and so looking forward to March for more blessings(Oliver Twist always asking for more)

Happy New Month!!!!

Making money online#just a click away!!!

Happy Sunday lovelies!!
Final day of 21 days prayer and fasting
Am beyond with joy I made it this far
My first week was the hardest but by the 2nd week I guess my body adjusted to the change in eating habit
Third week was a walk over
Sundays though were hard
You 're less busy,there's food to eat but you can't
Thank God I made it

21 days Fasting and prayer#PrepTalk

Beautiful sunday on the blog
21 days Fasting and prayer#PrepTalk
Christmas over,New year here we are
During the Christmas holiday, there was so much to eat and drink
My own way of shedding some of the excesses is fasting

First Sunday 2016#thanks

Hi Lovers!!!
First Sunday 2016#thanks
I have a lot to be thankful for
I thank God for a restful holiday
I also want to appreciate all of you wonderful people that made the journey of 2015 on blogsville for chizzysignature blog memorable
Patrick Okafor, Jennifer Ehidiamen, Nkem Okechukwu, Grace Liang, Gloria Okaiman, Blogoratti, Deka Uhiara
My Google plus family thank you
Facebook family you’re the best!!!!
All the numerous anonymous visitors I appreciate you
The blogs I read and draw inspiration from, thanks a lot
Twitter, I literally live on twitter reading tweets, checking trends
I appreciate my one year journey on social media
Its 2016 let’s do more……
Love always

P.S- If I didn’t mention your name ,please bear with me it’s all about love and you’re important

Merry! Merry! Christmas.....

25th Dec,2015
Christmas morning
And am so excited
This is to wish you a merry christmas
And a very merry celebration
Lots of love from me to you!!!

Photocredit:Chimma Facebook Wall

Christmas memories#MySundayBlogShare

Hi Fam!!!
Sunday blog share on a beautiful Sunday morning
How has your week been??
Thursday I was exploring twitterNG and came across the hashtag Christmas memories
I wanted to share my own but 120characters is not enough so I decided to make it a blog post
Christmas memory I would not forget in a lifetime is my 8th Christmas

Sunday Post#HowILoveChristmas

Hi Lovelies!
Beautiful Sunday morning and am where am supposed to be
How I love Christmas!!!!
Looking back last year Christmas, I was not feeling it much
Because back then I didn’t have a job
Like I wanted seriously to stop time so Christmas will be set 6 months back in time (smiling)
But then it’s not in my power
Tick says the clock….
So fast forward to now, am over the moon….
I can spend not only for myself but for my loved ones
I love Christmas!!!!
It’s a time to spend the moneeey!!!!
You can’t afford to be ‘stingy’ during Christmas not when all the shops flood ‘themselves’ with so many beautiful things that to make a choice of what to buy becomes a problem
Not when you have people that look up to you
Shopping and giving during Christmas comes natural
So on Thursday still in the mood of Christmas and shopping
I received sms from my bank that I qualified for the Millionaire Promo Draw
At first read I wanted to over look it as one of those random texts banks send to their customers, I know I have casually seen the advert in their banking hall but I didn’t give it much of my time
But somehow it just clicked….
Hey! It’s Christmas and a girl gets some shopping to do
I need me the money
So I headed to my branch for enquires and I was told they randomly picked customers for the draw which is on Tuesday
Am so looking me forward to winning me some millions
Pray for your girl!!!!
How is your Christmas countdown going???
Relax and put a smile on your face
No matter what you are going through, things can get better if you believe
Keep a date on the blog for more doze of real life experience to inspire you
It’s about you
It’s about me
All my love
Photocredit: Shout out to Mummy Ubi, thanks for letting me share

12 things am thankful for#ThanksgivingSunday

PhotoCredit:Facebook(Quotes Made with Love)
Hey Lovelies!!!
Last Sunday in November,an opportunity to share on the blog.
Last week was down with fever couldn't bring myself to think of writing a blog post.