Hey people!!
It's a beautiful Friday morning,me again on the blog
I guess this year is a year of reflection and doing that a lot
I remember a lot of good people who have shown me one favor
Am not really the type of person that forgets
You're in my memory
That I don't chat,call,text or meet up doesn't mean am ungrateful
I appreciate you from the depth of my heart moreover, I might not be able to pay back the favor because it's a life changer
When someone shows you favor,I guess the best thing to do is to multiply the good by showing favor to another person
So lovers don't impress it in your heart that I have forgotten or don't care because I do
Thanks and love you more
2018:Lets do more!!!
All my love

P.S: Big shout out to baby Odibeze,You were one year old yesterday. May you continue to grow in size and wisdom.

Sunday Regulars

Beautiful Sunday morning,the rains are here
Weather is cold,night rest is so blissful
First of all,I want to say I have not been regular on the blog for so long......
Well,they say in Igbo"awo adighi agba oso ehihe na efu"

Absent in April

Hey Lovers!!
What's up with you??
Hope good
April was  very memorable but no single post from me

3 reasons you need social media:goingDown2March

Hey Lovers
How do you do???
Hope fine
Going down to March and this week happens to be #SMWLagos#SMWFutureofMedia

Thursday Post:February

Good morning to you
It's a beautiful day and the second day of February 2017
Here doing what I like
sharing my morning with you

Inspire My Tuesday#Just a little kindness

Hey lovers!!!
2017 doing things differently
And I decided to post this morning guess I would be doing more random posts

Yes it's not sunday but I have to post today

I don't know where to start from
It's been like ages and am no where to be found on social media
I just make anonymous appearance if you can call it that
2016 was quite a dramatic year I must say but thankfully you and I were not choked in the drama

November to remember

Hey lovers!
how is you?
No need saying I missed you, you already know that right...
This is what happens when you're engulfed in self
Like my style of blogging is

May already: Why inspire

Last night as I was bathing somehow it came to my mind that it's the last day of the month

4th and counting.....

Good sunday morning
Welcome  to the first sunday in April
4th month and counting
What a joy!!!!
Today am sharing you

Lost but found...on the blog

Hello dearies
Happy resurrection morning!!!!
It's Easter and am happy to share
Lost but found......on the blog
I was overtaken by events
A lot happened between the space of three weeks I last posted
First the 'dollar-naira' exchange that affected prices of everyday commodities in Nigeria down to sachet water
Fuel scarcity and constant no light
Ok now down to my own weaknesses

Last Sunday February 2016

Hey dearies!!!!
How is everything? Hope all is well
Last Sunday February, thankful to be celebrating it on the blog with you
My February has been good and so looking forward to March for more blessings(Oliver Twist always asking for more)