November to remember

Hey lovers!
how is you?
No need saying I missed you, you already know that right...
This is what happens when you're engulfed in self
Like my style of blogging is
my mission, my vision, my calling(whatever name you choose)
So when I look at my personal life am like: why tell someone all is well when you know all is not well??? Is it not deceit??
What's the point of saying the same thing over and over again???it can be boring 

Well that's the secret of my two months absence on the blog
anyway ,I bounce back this beautiful sunday the first in November in the spirit of keeping hope alive
To shout it loud
Yes wellness extravagant!!
The soul is healed when there's hope
It lights the spirit and reflects in the body
And yes there's no hopeless situation because I believe in miracles

How awesome you are gradually coming to the end of this wonderful year 2016
The recession in the economy yet you're alive  healthy
You have your job
Your loved ones around you
There's no war
Sickness and diseases have not ravaged you
What a blessing!!!
 That you can read this shows there's hope
Things can only get better
Just as you enter a new week I wish you a November to remember
Go out there and make beautiful memories
Love and peace always
See more of you
Am back!!!

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