Why So Vain#selflove

It's a beautiful sunday morning
The rains have come but the weather still hot at night
Sleeping a mess without light
So much turning up
Fuel scarcity has not improved much though you can readily get a litre for N200
Electricity supply not getting any better
Price of commodities sky-rocketing anyhow
How can one get through all this????
My approach _____
Self love
But how can this help???
Well I see good in me,around me and nothing dampens my spirit
Not because I have it all but because am thankful for what I have and I know things can get better
My dear friend,you can get through whatever comes your way
Keep your head high,be strong and believe
Wishing you the very best
All my love
P.S: Big Shout out to Chika the pretty mama I used her picture for today's post you know I love you right

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