Happy New Year:Welcome 2016#beGood

Hi Fam!!

Welcome to 2016,today am celebrating two firsts

My first year on blogsville chizzysignature blog was born on the 1st of Jan,2015
also this is my first blog post for 2016
After my last post on christmas day read here, I consciously slipped into the holiday mood with no care in the world
Christmas was all fun for me
25th December 2015, I went to collect my *christmas dress* (just kidding) from the tailor I want to use the dress for an event
While waiting for the finishing touches,I decided to take some snap-shots with my sister-in-law

26th:Boxing Day -Meet up with Nkem Homeworthinterior.com
so she made a blog post saying she will spend her christmas in Enugu and I decided it would be nice to meet up with her

27th last sunday of the year  was supposed to make a
 post but didn't I have an event outside town so off I went to the event

28th- My lazy day
Sleep,eat and sleep again

29th- Work mode activated,it crossed my mind that the holiday is coming to an end brain resetting for the new year and work
Am so grateful for the beautiful memories of this christmas 
How was your celebration???
You can join in the fun send your celebration in pictures to chizzysignature@gmail.com and I will post it on the blog.
Remember chizzysignature blog is about you and me living life
Love always and 2016 will be good to us


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