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It's my sunday blog share

Last sunday I missed not like I didn't write a post but I was torn between two things I wanted to share so  today am sharing both.
Sometime two weeks ago Thrusday I guess...
I was on instagram doing what I like (viewing pictures)when I came across this jpeg
Name a Lie your ex told

Couldn't stop laughing at the hilarious comments people have for their 'exs'
Wanted to make a post on it but on second thought I rememebered I have made a post about ex lovin'
So I need to do something 'new', fun and positive
Digged more for inspiration when I saw this picture

Things we do for friends 
That's typical me,I love my friends 
I know you will do same for a friend too
It's all about love....
Till I come your way,keep it real and be strong.
Love always..


  1. Friendship is indeed everything. Thanks for sharing and best wishes!

  2. Thanks Blogoratti. Wishing you all the best in the new week!

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