Sunday Tonic


Sunday Tonic

Happy Sunday beautiful people
Today  is the last Sunday to my birthday and am happy  am sharing it with you.
Am very happy and  thankful  for my many blessings.
Am healthy and strong.
I have supportive friends and family.
I can pay my bills despite all the stress involved in the job am still thankful that  I have something doing.
I can keep counting and the list goes on……
Am so thankful to God!!!
Someone shout Alleluia!!!
So grateful!!!
What are you thankful for?
Share your blessings,love to hear from you.
All the best always.


  1. Happy Birthday in advance. Its great to live in gratitude always. I'm thankful for the little things in life and for my mind. Best wishes into the new week!

    1. Thanks Blogoratti appreciate you much. All the best too.

  2. Dont tell me i missed your birthday.


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