Monday Post:Oh Happy Day!!!

Happy day beautiful people!!!
How is your day so far??
Hope fine.
Am not just in a happy zone today.
Not like I had a nightmare or something but some how I saw myself dwelling on all the things that went wrong and I kept asking why??
It's been a long time I felt this way and really this is not where I want to see myself or where I would wish to be in 'thought zone' but I can't help myself with these thoughts randomly creeping in like stubborn uninvited guests that refuse to go *sigh*

HBD Chika!!
Thursday last week was my bestie birthday but I forgot to holla @ her.*feeling bad*
Normally I set phone reminder for the birthday of my loved ones.
This fateful day my phone was off for 12hours no light for almost 2 days.
 I off the phone putting it on at intervals when I need to make call.(my own way of conversing the energy)
It didn't work because I missed to say happy birthday to my dearest friend or to use her pix as 'dp' for the day.
Am saying a big birthday to you dear and more blessings.

Share your thoughts,how happy is your day.
connecting is caring,catch me thursday.
Love always....


  1. Mine was fine but hetic.

    Pls visit my blog

  2. Mine was hetic. HBD to your bestie.

  3. Mondays are hectic but we can get through it,i wrote a post on how to be monday positive you can check:
    Hope it helps :)
    Thanks for wishing my bestie HBD,appreciate much.

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