February, On the Blog

Welcome to the month of February.
Am so excited for this month because it's the shortest month of the year, in about 26 days, February 2015 will be history.
Also I love this month because it's a month the world celebrates love on Valentine’s Day (February 14).
I love loving!!!!!
Who doesn't like, being accepted, appreciated and cared for???
This month, after my first experience on the blog, I decided to switch things up.
Am stepping up....
I will be blogging at least twice a week.
Also I decided to drop the bold letters and 'unbold' even though I feel the bold is more legible.
But in order to spice up a little, am 'unbolding'.
Hope you don't mind.
I dropped the 'captcha' feature to make commenting more fun.
Am so thankful for those who take time to read the blog.
I know life is busy, for you to read the blog means a lot.
Remember it's about you and me doing great things.
What are your expectations for February, feel free to share your views, drop your comments or you can send e-mail:chizzysignature@gmail.com
February 2015, let's do more!!!!
All the best always


  1. happy new month!!!

  2. Month of breakthrough.......

  3. A big shout to all the wonderful people that take time to comment.
    I appreciate,keep it flowing.
    One love.


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