So long:July______August,some life tips will help

Hi dearies
Whatzup with you????
Hope better than good
So long______August
I feel so bad I have not been regular on the blog (my last post before now)
especially when am an "advocate"of pursuing your dreams and making it a reality
Well I guess I was caught up in a web of 'real-life'
issues...... a lot to deal with
But am here today  am grateful
15th July was my birthday
I did a birthday thanksgiving in church,(I believe in the power of prayers)
Yes I pray up big time!!!

I also did a mini get-together to celebrate my life. Life is for the living
Also during this time I had to put some life lessons to use,today am sharing with you some of the life lessons I used during this long absence 
  1. Happiness is a choice: You have to make a conscious effort to be happy
  2. Don't quit setting goals: You can do whatever you set   your mind to do
  3. A lot of negative influence out there but don't let it get to you 
Am going to dwell on this last point because this is what I got thrown at a lot this past time
Someone that just wants to pick  a fight and says something nasty
Don't allow them to drag you to their level of ignorance 
Or someone for whatever reason think your life ambition is to compete with them
Like I heard from one of my mentors "there's no competition in destiny"
Your shine can't dim another person's light
Don't ever ever let negativity get at you(note the emphasis on 'ever' like dead serious) 
I hope you keep to mind all of this because just as it helped me during my so long:july_____august it will sure help you too
Till I come your way again
Keep shining and glowing
All my love

Afters: Last Friday August 19th was International Youths Day Happy IYD to the young and the young at heart

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