21 days Fasting and prayer#PrepTalk

Beautiful sunday on the blog
21 days Fasting and prayer#PrepTalk
Christmas over,New year here we are
During the Christmas holiday, there was so much to eat and drink
My own way of shedding some of the excesses is fasting

and of course fasting is not complete without prayer
So this year am excited to join the Living Faith Church family to start this year's fasting program on the 11th through 31st

How do you hope to burn some of the holiday calories???
Send in your lose weight program to: chizzysignature@gmail.com and I would gladly share on the blog
Always keep a date on the blog
Love always.....


  1. RCCG's 50 days Fast. The Lord is my muscle on this one. Maybe I should quietly sneak and join your church until March.

    A Thin Line

    1. Hi!! Naija Bachelor
      Lols @ sneaking to my church,the 21 days "na real wa" not to talk of 50 days but sha we shall overcome.


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