Christmas memories#MySundayBlogShare

Hi Fam!!!
Sunday blog share on a beautiful Sunday morning
How has your week been??
Thursday I was exploring twitterNG and came across the hashtag Christmas memories
I wanted to share my own but 120characters is not enough so I decided to make it a blog post
Christmas memory I would not forget in a lifetime is my 8th Christmas
I remember it like yesterday because it was the first Christmas my natural hair was braided with ‘attachment’
Again it was my father that took me to the stylist and requested her to make the best hair for me, the outcome was not disappointing as he admired me and called me all the beautiful names promising to take me and my siblings to the airport and zoo for our Christmas treat such visits come with ice cream and cake I can’t resist
On the 25th after rice and chicken, the next thing on the agenda was the visit to the airport but my father said he would not be able to take us because he’s not feeling fine
Instead of airport, we made a trip to the hospital where the doctor asked him to stay back to be monitored
27th morning just when we thought he would be discharged that was when my mum came back with the chilling news that he died
I remember that Christmas not with pain or anger but with the feeling of the reality of life
Life can throw you up, throw you down
But life keeps you strong
All the best this season and remember to keep a date on the blog
Love always  

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