SundayBlogShare:Throwback MyBirthday

5:30am Wednesday 15th July woke up prayed and asked God for a birthday present.
Reflected a bit on my life and where am going, it’s a work day so I have to get going or be late and be surcharged and  I don’t want that to happen.
8:00am in the office, I was greeted with happy birthday from my colleagues, smiled and said thank you.
Then the questions started coming what are you celebrating with?? You ‘re the first person in this office to celebrate birthday (my branch is a new office)
I replied let’s “carry it over” to September
I was hearing Chizoba “carry over” is not allowed
At 9:00am my manager called me  to her office and told me she’s assigning me to go for a “drive”.
A “drive” is when we have loan takers who are not complying with their interest payment we go to meet them to know why and also urge them to remember our agreement.
I stayed out for more than 3hrs when my phone started ‘buzzin” with calls from the office Chizoba where are you start coming back to the office,I was like but we’re still at it
No start coming back, I wondered this one am being asked to report back to the  office hope there’s no problem.
On getting to the office I was greeted with a birthday celebration.
A big shout out to my manager Amarachi Etumnu and my colleagues .
Thanks a lot for the surprise ,I appreciate much.


  1. Wow that sounds like fun.. Wish you the best hun.

  2. Yes,it was fun,thanks for your wishes Gloria.

  3. Best wishes dear. I am glad they made your day


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