Number 7#IAM


A big shout out to Gloria Okaimam because of your advise am doing this (would have waited till Sunday) but you spurred me on *hugs*

It's July!!!
Am so excited for this month because it's my birth month.
Am number 7!!!
And on the 7th day God rested!!!!
My expectations for this month......... very long list but somehow I find the courage to say that "all things are possible".
Whatever your expectations keep strong all things are possible.
Happy New month people,wishing you all the best.
Love and peace always


  1. Yipppeeee! Special People's month!!! I am a July born too

  2. Wow am glad you found my comment encouraging.. Happy birthday in advance to you and all July born.
    Happy new month dearie.

  3. @Nkem Wow!! you're July too,happy birth month birth mate!! We're special!!
    @Gloria yes dear your comment is the"icing on the cake" thanks for inspiring a sister.


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