Number 7#IAM


A big shout out to Gloria Okaimam because of your advise am doing this (would have waited till Sunday) but you spurred me on *hugs*

It's July!!!
Am so excited for this month because it's my birth month.
Am number 7!!!
And on the 7th day God rested!!!!
My expectations for this month......... very long list but somehow I find the courage to say that "all things are possible".
Whatever your expectations keep strong all things are possible.
Happy New month people,wishing you all the best.
Love and peace always

My Sunday Blog Share

Sunday blog share

Am happy to be on the blog today.
 Have so much wished for this, when I first bought my laptop I wanted to be blogging randomly
But this is not to be( at least for now), I work Monday- Saturday very hectic schedule.
But am not going to let that keep me from my space, I love doing this  and am going to keep at it
So happy to connect and share….

Good bye June so excited for July already
All the best!!!
A big shout out to Aniche today is your  birthday.

She's back!!!#SundayBlogShare

Hi!!Hi!!! Everyone
I missed  my space
I also missed you a lot
She's back!!!!
The short break was necessary
Before now, I didn't have a laptop
No student without a book, no baker without an oven
So no blogger without a laptop
I used the break to get a laptop celebrate with me am typing with my “lappie” ( no more borrowing) laughs...

During the break a lot happened.
The rains are here  so loving it
No more hot  sweaty nights
Also my brother got married,shout out to Mazi Tochi and NG all the best in your new life.
I have a sister now **winks**
All the best  to you all dear friends and remember to keep faith alive.
She's back and you will get to see more of me.
Love always....