Tuesday Post: Social Media and me.

Good afternoon beautiful people.
Today am just in the mood for chit-chat , going to be letting you into the world of my adventure with social media.
I like social media.
Am on twitter, my current account is my 4th and only active account( always  forgetting my password but this 4th is a keep)
I have been on facebook since 2009, badoo account not active,yahoo messenger can't remember the last time I used it.
I have google + profile.
                                        LESSONS SO FAR
It's easy to get overwhelmed with social media because it's an open forum. Sometimes you have strangers 'pulling over' at your facebook page giving 'unsolicited' advice or ugly comments.
Get inspired: have fun with the comments,don't allow it to determine you.
Celebrate the positive always.

Connections : There so many connections to be made on social media;business,love,friendships, strangers can be turned to friends and family.
Get inspired: Just like every thing in life use with caution because a lot of negative people out there
Red Alert: beware of scammers.

Learning: Social media is fun,sometimes I just visit 'gossip' blogs for the comments.To have a good laugh. I get inspiration on twitter,facebook,google  plus.I learn new things by just typing keywords,search,read and learn.
Endless opportunity to learn.
Get inspired: The internet has it's good,bad and ugly side.
make your choice on what you want to learn.

Hope you find this useful,please share with your friends :)
Photo credit: www.socialmediaexaminer.com


  1. Social media sure has its good sides and bad sides too.


  2. Gloria yes it does,appreciate that you dropped by.

  3. I am not such a social media freak, i just have the basic ones and i find out they are most useful for my business and blog. The next is IG (I am so late on that one)


  4. Social media is the future, best to get on and not be left behind.

  5. Nkem dear,you're not the only one late on instagram me too, lolzz...
    @Blogoratti appreciate your dropping by,social media is the deal and the fun part is that you can make money from it. Though yet to figure it out.


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