Thursday Post:Motivation Thursday

Today I need to motivate myself.
Really nothing  worthwhile is easy...
It's not enough to say I want to start a blog or am a blogger,you have to prove it by constantly writing and posting.
Today I just feel like relaxing,having nothing to do..
At least now I have 'a lot on my plate',juggling 'real' work (i.e paid job) and this(blogging) is not a piece of cake.
But I 'gets to do it' not like am mandated, look if you don't I will sanction you.
I do it(blogging) because I like it.
Chizzysignature is my baby *throaty laugh*
Yes, I conceived and birthed it so I will keep it no matter how demanding it is.
I don't know your struggles but I know you can get through it.
Wishing you all the best.
Monday is the date,hope you keep the date.
Your thought is the 'icing on the cake',drop your comments love to hear from you.
Love always.....

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