Meet Nkem Okechukwu of Homeworth

Thursday motivation meet Nkem Okechukwu of Homeworth here am happy to share this incredible lady with you.You can also shop
 her works. You can be a part of this conecting and sharing.
All the best always!!!

I never intended this post to be about me. I assumed Chizzy is celebrating a milestone and would want a more inspiring post or something about herself but after i got her email to guest write on her blog, i asked if she has a topic she would want me to write about, she simply said "You can talk about your blog and your work as a creative director" (hmmm such a big heart)

Let me tell you how i met this amazing lady. It was here on blogsville (i think she followed me on Google and i followed back and the rest they say is history) but the truth is, it feels like i have known her since forever even though we haven't met. I admire her determination (see what she has done in 3moths), creativity and humility (it's not everyone that can go out of their way to celebrate another, which is what she is doing here) so join me to celebrate her as well and always keep a date with her (follow her on Google, bookmark her blog, follow her via email) for there is no chizzysignatureblog without you, yes YOU.

I close this post by introducing myself, my name is Nkem Okechukwu. I am that child that used her allowance/pocket money to buy things to decorate her room, my mama will always look forward to my coming home to put the house in order so, i have always loved interior decoration; the whole art and aesthetics, i guess that's why I love fashion too, i love to travel, i love to draw though i never paid attention to that skill and i love to write, not a creative writer though but at least i blog here.

HomeWorth Interiors as a business was actually born in 2012 with furniture making and sale of interior decor accessories, you can shop from our store here and contact us here. In September, 2014, i decided to put all the paints, vases, accessories, fabrics and furniture into black and white when i started the blog.

I have a few of these works to my credit:

Open credenza drawer (For Home & Office)

Credenza + Vases

Self-made Curtain/Drapery

Paint Makeover + Wall Art

Dining set

Venetian blind

Open venetian blind + Wall Mirror + Wash basin

And thank you Chizzy for having me on your space, i would definitely love to visit again.


  1. Splendid!

  2. Awwww...this is sooooo cool mami...

    1. Thanks Ernie, i so much appreciate
      Thanks to Chizzy to for bringing this to limelight

  3. Love the lime green, orange and white contrasting paints in the fourth photo. Lovely work.

  4. Kudos to our delectable interior decor


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