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 On the 1st of April, I told you I would be sharing with you the connections I have made here on Blogsville.
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Happy Easter Monday and all the best always!!!

Chizzy and I are different in very many ways but we do have one thing in common. We’re both bloggers. And we both started our blogs within a month of each other. Chizzy is celebrating her 3rd month and soon, I will be finishing my 4th month with I remember how anxious I was when I first started. I would post and wait for someone to notice me. I’d turn on my computer as soon as I got home from my real job and look to see if I got any comments but usually there was nothing. After several days finally there was something there! Someone out there in the world was reading what I wrote and looking at pictures I posted! It felt incredible! Chizzy wasn’t the first one to contact me but she was among the early few. And she wrote more than once. I guess she was one of my first “regulars”. I had done some research on how to make connections and network and one of the suggestions was to invite other bloggers to guest post on your blog. So, I thought why not ask one of my regulars to do the post. I didn’t have many others who kept coming back for more so asked Chizzy to be my Guinea pig. And she agreed! Just as my blog turned 2 months old Chizzy posted on February 9 of this year. You can see her post in my archives if you’re interested.

Anyway, it’s now time for me to return the favor. Chizzy asked if I would write a short post telling something interesting and maybe inspiring about me and my blogging experiences. About interesting I’m not sure. I think I’m pretty interesting just because of where I came from and where I am now. I was born in China and lived there all my life. But almost 11 years ago an American man who was in China for his job just happened to go to the same restaurant on the same day that I was there. You never know what decision you make will affect your life but so many things had to happen just the way they did for me to end up here in a country I never expected to visit, writing my blog in a language I never expected to be speaking and married to a man I never expected to meet! 

For me the inspiring part is easier. Its people like Chizzy: And the fact that because of blogging I have met her. Maybe not in person or face to face yet but I feel like I know her now. That’s the same with many, many other bloggers who have been kind and generous enough to spend some of their day checking out what I think and say. That’s a connection that wouldn’t have been possible not too long ago. The world really is a much smaller place now that people can check in with and chat and look at other people from all kinds of different countries, cultures, backgrounds and experiences. Kings, queens and emperors didn’t have that ability, even with all their power and wealth. But all I need is a computer and an internet connection and all of a sudden I have Chizzy with me in my house. It really is wonderful! 

So to all you readers and sister bloggers I say hello and welcome to Chizzy’s blog. And to mine too! We are both working hard to try to make your day a bit more interesting. Please join me in congratulating Chizzy for her 3 month milestone and in wishing her many more months and years!



  1. Congrats on your 3 month! I wish all the best for you! :)


  2. Thanks Grace for adding color to chizzysignatureblog @ 3months.
    Meanwhile a friend is so much in love with your green sandals promised to let you know.


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