Time to say GOODBYE MARCH 2015


Monday morning 09:58am I went to see someone in her office.
Getting there, I was told she just stepped out. I can’t afford the stress of going and coming back later so I decided to wait for her since I needed her for some sort of assistance.
The secretary directed me to waiting room; in the room are two settees, a TV, display of awards and testimonials on the shelf. Piles of books and newspapers neatly arranged.
As I sat alone not knowing how long I have to wait, I decided to keep myself   company with a newspaper.
I grabbed one and found out it was January 2015,I made to drop it but again I need company in the quiet room.
So I decided to flip through, maybe I would see something of interest.
That was when my eyes caught the inspiring story of Mrs. Anthonia Hafunjoh Okoye.
A 43 years old woman with a husband, 5 young kids and a fashion business to cater for that made a first class and also graduated as the best graduating student.
Two things got me in her story, her first attempt ended in frustration.
Did she give up???
She still longed to fulfill her dream. That is determination!!
Lesson: Never give up on your dream no matter the challenges.
Second lesson, the support of her husband.
Dreams come true when you have your supportive supportsystem!!!
I was enjoying the read when the person I was waiting for came in so I had to drop the newspaper and focus on why I came for the meeting.
The story so got me that I left the office I googled her name.
Heheee…. everything is now google
You can read for yourself here
Hope you’re inspired to make the most out of life as you say goodbye to March 2015.
Stay connected and best of wishes.


  1. True talk @ Chizoba. I will always love the=is saying "Dreams is not what you see in your sleep, Dream is that which does not let you sleep" Keep at it and one day even the people which never supported you will want to be your ally.

    1. Nkem you just said it all,am adding this to what I know about dreams.


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