Throwback Thursday#my support system

Marching Forward in March!!!!
How is your day going??
Hope fine...
Throwback Thursday #my support system
Am celebrating the lives of two special people in my life.
They share this month as their birth month.
I remember growing up as an only girl in a family of five.
I never liked not having a sister to play with especially when the 'boys' start to play 'rough' games.
No playmate, someone I can share clothes with and do all 'girly' stuff with.
But now am so loving it!!!
Because 'the boys' now 'men' make sure they pamper me silly.
They are my greatest support system.
There always there for me morally, financially.
They have my back big time!!!
You can imagine that I don't bother myself with physically exhausting chore.
Like I don't  even on the generator set when there is no electricity.
That's a chore too hard for my tender arms**winks**
They don't complain though
Am so blessed to be in their midst.
Today I celebrate the lives of Ugochukwu and Uchechukwu whose birthday is on the 5th and 13th of March.
For all the joy you bring, all the blessings you give, as you celebrate your special day.
I wish you everything good and beautiful.
"He that waters shall be watered"
Whenever they call great men, your names will be there!!!
Love you now and always.
To all March born, You Rock!!!
Happy Birthday!
The throwback picture is Uche's first birthday, can you spot me.
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