Thank God it's Monday!!

Thank God it’s Monday!!!
Wait, did I just say that??
Monday the beginning of the workweek is not the easiest day to love.
You hardly see or hear people celebrate Monday.
Even way back when I was a kid, Friday is the blast!!
You can find all the trouble you want in school.
 By Monday morning, ‘random’ eating, sleeping and playing will make the offended to forget what happened.
As an adult it didn’t change much.
Monday is dreaded like hey! So am going to start all over again for the next four days before I get a break!!
The seriousness of Monday is too ‘jimjim’ (don’t look for that in dictionary)
It can’t be easier for you even if you don’t have a job or school to go to.
Monday morning no one has time for ‘chit-chat’ after greeting.
And once everyone leaves the house, it’s like ‘ghost town’, drop a pin you will hear the sound.
But must Monday be a downer of feelings.
So what can you do to beat the I hate Monday feelings??
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