Valentine Blues.....

Thank God it's Monday!!!!!
Beautiful day after a refreshing weekend.
I saw so much love this weekend that made me believe all the more in love.
Couples holding hands, openly showing affection.
Love is beautiful.
Am so happy I participated in the singles program.
As for meeting 'him', let's leave that 'gist' for another day.
It was a Christian program held on Valentine’s Day, divided into 2 sections, the interactive and prayer section.
During the interactive, you are allowed to ask questions on real life issues that affect you as a single.
Anyone can give his/her opinion to the question and the facilitator will moderate.
I want to share some of the interesting tips I learnt with you:

1: Being single doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. You're intelligent and talented. Love yourself.
2: Single but not lonely, don't disconnect yourself from life and people.
3: Prepare yourself to meet the kind of person you desire.
Also don't cage yourself to the past.

A failed relationship only shows you're human.Get over it and open your heart for the best.
I hope you find these tips as useful as I did.
Let’s learn more, share your opinion.
Drop comments and connect with me, it’s all about you and me making the most out of life.
Love all the way…..

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