Sunday Regulars

Beautiful Sunday morning,the rains are here
Weather is cold,night rest is so blissful
First of all,I want to say I have not been regular on the blog for so long......
Well,they say in Igbo"awo adighi agba oso ehihe na efu"
meaning: "there's a reason why things happen"
The gist today is not why I have been absent.
The most important thing is am here today and am here to share.
I was going through my phone memory looking for a picture to share, when I saw this picture of my woman inspiration (just so you know I have lots of her picture in my phone,follow her on twitter yet to connect on instagram)
This particular picture I chose because of the tag on it:"whenever you wake up is your morning"
It doesn't matter we are in June,no time is lost,You can still make it if you believe
Just get to work and make it happen
See you at the topmost side of life
Till I come across again nothing but love

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