3 reasons you need social media:goingDown2March

Hey Lovers
How do you do???
Hope fine
Going down to March and this week happens to be #SMWLagos#SMWFutureofMedia
Am not in Lagos but following up on twitter
So I decided to share my social media experience 
First I started out on Facebook then moved to twitter,Google plus and most recently instagram 
I guess instagram got me with less words and more pictures....my love for pictures 👀❤
3 Reasons you need Social Media
  1. Social media is taking over other forms of media. Who has time to stay glued to television these days when your phone can give you all the information and entertainment you need
  2. You don't need leisure to use social media,you use it on the go
  3. Social media opens a lot of opportunities, once you have good followership,you can use it to get brand endorsement
 Social media is the way forward
Hope you are settled to enjoy your social media experience,wishing you the best in the new week
Love always

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