May already: Why inspire

Last night as I was bathing somehow it came to my mind that it's the last day of the month

And sunday I need to write a post
how unprepared I am to do so
Happy New Month dears
How grateful can one be for life???
May already: Why inspire
Same last night I was imagining what 's on your mind when you read chizzysignature blog
How real is positive approach in real life situations
When we all know it's not all fun and games
Personally, I have known pain,met with heart break
but I choose happiness
Happiness and positivity  is the best option even in the face of adversity
It's a winner over any cloud of darkness
And everyday,I make a conscious effort to stay positive
Am wishing you a fun filled happy new month
Let's go there......the best is on it's way (can I get an Alleluia, a blog not a church but we like to show ourselves)
Stay blessed
Love you always

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