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Happy Sunday lovelies!!
Final day of 21 days prayer and fasting
Am beyond with joy I made it this far
My first week was the hardest but by the 2nd week I guess my body adjusted to the change in eating habit
Third week was a walk over
Sundays though were hard
You 're less busy,there's food to eat but you can't
Thank God I made it

So last week sunday I didn't post on the blog
Hope I was missed*winks*
I love being appreciated
Sometime last week I received whatsapp message directing me to (an online site claiming that you can make money by registering and sharing your link on social media)
I jumped into it and started sharing the link not knowing it's a scam
When you make up to the minimum $300 for payment claim,you can't get the payment
I was so hoping it will work but it didnt
January 2016 ending today now looking forward to February with high expectations
All the best always
Love you


  1. According to the teachings of Jesus Christ; is it right to announce that you are fasting? Just wondering... Lol

  2. Living Faith Church Worldwide observes 21 days prayer and fasting every January and am proud of myself I joined this year and did it to the end so that's my joy.

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  4. Chizzy how do you do?

    1. My dear am fine,thanks for looking out for me.


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