Sunday Post#HowILoveChristmas

Hi Lovelies!
Beautiful Sunday morning and am where am supposed to be
How I love Christmas!!!!
Looking back last year Christmas, I was not feeling it much
Because back then I didn’t have a job
Like I wanted seriously to stop time so Christmas will be set 6 months back in time (smiling)
But then it’s not in my power
Tick says the clock….
So fast forward to now, am over the moon….
I can spend not only for myself but for my loved ones
I love Christmas!!!!
It’s a time to spend the moneeey!!!!
You can’t afford to be ‘stingy’ during Christmas not when all the shops flood ‘themselves’ with so many beautiful things that to make a choice of what to buy becomes a problem
Not when you have people that look up to you
Shopping and giving during Christmas comes natural
So on Thursday still in the mood of Christmas and shopping
I received sms from my bank that I qualified for the Millionaire Promo Draw
At first read I wanted to over look it as one of those random texts banks send to their customers, I know I have casually seen the advert in their banking hall but I didn’t give it much of my time
But somehow it just clicked….
Hey! It’s Christmas and a girl gets some shopping to do
I need me the money
So I headed to my branch for enquires and I was told they randomly picked customers for the draw which is on Tuesday
Am so looking me forward to winning me some millions
Pray for your girl!!!!
How is your Christmas countdown going???
Relax and put a smile on your face
No matter what you are going through, things can get better if you believe
Keep a date on the blog for more doze of real life experience to inspire you
It’s about you
It’s about me
All my love
Photocredit: Shout out to Mummy Ubi, thanks for letting me share


  1. Have a lovely Sunday, and happy holidays!

  2. Nice write up. You welcome aunty Chizoba. 😘😘

  3. Thanks a lot Blogoratti for your good wishes. Wishing you a restful holiday ahead.
    Hippeee!!!mummy Ubi is my Anon. You know say na you do pass love.

  4. Hi dear compliments of the season. It's been a while.

  5. Gloria dear,compliments of the season to you. It's been awhile indeed. Happy you checked.


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