12 things am thankful for#ThanksgivingSunday

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Hey Lovelies!!!
Last Sunday in November,an opportunity to share on the blog.
Last week was down with fever couldn't bring myself to think of writing a blog post.
So today am good and in the mood for gratitude!!!!
As the year comes to an end I decided to make a list of  things am thankful for
Am so thankful for a whole lot but a list will make it easier to count my blessings and name them one by one
  1. Good health:Am thankful that I can sleep and wake up without 'popping' drugs,the parts of my body are in good shape,eyes see,legs walk,hands can hold,my mind thinks,remembers and can solve problems#AmHealthy
  2. Family:My family is very supportive and I love
  3. Good Friends:Thankful for the quality of friends I have
  4. Money in Bank:I might not be the richest but I have some 'coins' in the bank
  5. Freedom of worship:Am free to worship without fear. Am a Christain.
  6. Weekends:Weekends are a blessing!!! Though I work on Saturdays, but nothing beats the feeling of TGIF
  7. Learning from mistakes:Am not perfect,just so human and make mistakes but thankful I get to learn from my mistakes and turn them to my good
  8. Opportunity to get an education:This am so grateful for.I thank God for my mum though she didn't have much education ,she knows the value of  education because of her influence I can read and write
  9. A bed to Sleep: At the end of the day I retire to my cozy comfy bed and doze off without a care.I can't take that for granted
  10. Laughter:The medicine of the soul.I can laugh for 'Africa' a saying in Nigeria.I can laugh for real.
  11. Cell phone and Internet Connection:Am thankful that I have a cell phone.I can call whoever I want in any part of the world on the go and Internet Connection is 'bae'. I connect,explore,learn,get entertained,share What more can I ask????
  12. Kindness of Strangers:Am highly favoured!!!! I meet total strangers who show me kindness.amBlessed 
Am so Thankful!!!!
You can make a list of things you're thankful for.
A grateful life is a happy life.
See you next month
Love all the way(blowing kisses)

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