So Rich

Happy Sunday lovelies
Today am sharing my richness
Am so rich!!

Yes I am
See me standing tall
My way is open
My star is shining
Good all around me
What a blessing!
Sweetie you are a blessing
Keep your head high and celebrate who you are
You want to live a happy fulfilling life
Stay tuned to this blog because this blog is about celebrating the richness of life
Love you always
Keep faith


  1. Sad Story: Mother's Letter To Her Daughter

    I know you won't come back, but I still believe that somehow you'll find me. I can't bare to think where you are. You could be with your friends warm and safe or you could be somewhere wet and cold. How could you expect me to tell you?

    You were so pretty, in that purple dress your dad got you, with your long brown hair flowing down your back. Your black high-heels on. Yes, it was the first time you were going to a proper party; we didn't want anything to ruin your night.

    We gave you a lift in our small black BMW and dropped you off around the corner- you didn't want people to see you being dropped off by mummy and daddy. We were going to pick you at 11:30pm too; you begged to stay out later. I wanted you to be home by 10, but your dad persuaded me to let you out a bit longer.


  2. Great thoughts indeed, keep up the positivity. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks dear,wish you good in the new week


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