And the Queen was born

Good morning beautiful people
Hurray it’s my birthday and I decided to celebrate my life on the blog

I celebrate my struggles, my victories
I celebrate me
I look back and I say thank you God
It’s only You that brought me this far
Baba God
Am very grateful!
Join me celebrate my day
Seriously I would have loved to throw a party or do something but that’s not to be
All the same am happy and grateful for my life and what I have achieved so far as I look forward to conquer more.
Do have a lovely day and all the best.


  1. hbd sis......wullnp

  2. So i am late here! I am sooooo sorry darling
    Happy Belated Birthday and may all your dreams and aspirations come through/true

    1. Thanks a lot and a big Amen to your prayers.

  3. Awwww i can't believe i missed this. Well, they said better late than never...
    Happy birthday hun i wish you blissful years ahead. May all your dreams come through.. Hope you had fun?

    1. Thanks Gloria,I sure did have fun.
      Like I was not planning to celebrate but I got to the office and met a cake with my name.


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