My Sunday Blog Share

Sunday blog share

Am happy to be on the blog today.
 Have so much wished for this, when I first bought my laptop I wanted to be blogging randomly
But this is not to be( at least for now), I work Monday- Saturday very hectic schedule.
But am not going to let that keep me from my space, I love doing this  and am going to keep at it
So happy to connect and share….

Good bye June so excited for July already
All the best!!!
A big shout out to Aniche today is your  birthday.


  1. You should be more frequent here. I feel disappointed each time I check and there is no post.

    1. Gloria dear thanks for your advice,promise to do better.

    2. Blogging is not easy i must say, especially when u have a 9 - 5 (I call it 5 - 9 though)
      I try to blog once a week or sometimes twice (which hardly happens) but the key is having to put out great content that will engage your audience and have them coming back to check on u


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