Goodbye May....

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Good day beautiful people.
Am signing off May on the blog,this is going to be my last post this month.
May so far has been good to me,laughed more,smiled more
What more can I ask???

A lot has been going on.
Last week Thursday I took  cloth materials I want to sew to a tailor.
I want a fitted gown,eight pieces cut with off shoulder and low back but some how I felt the tailor didn't get the design so I decided to change it.
Yesterday 4:58pm, I went back to her shop to change the design.
After telling her what I want,she said I have to add money for the change in design.
I replied her but the new design is simple nothing fancy or elaborate so why add money.
She said,that for 2 days,she had no light in her shop and to sew the clothe she needs to run her generator and fuel is now 200 naira a litre(formerly 87naira a litre)
I couldn't argue any further in the area I live for 4 days we had light for a little more than 2hrs and the current shortage in supply of fuel  as a result of subsidy fears has led to hike in the  price.
What more can one do but hope for the best.
Till we see in June wish you all the very best.
Stay connected and remain blessed!!

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  1. May has really been good. So hard to say goodbye...


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