Goodbye May....

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Good day beautiful people.
Am signing off May on the blog,this is going to be my last post this month.
May so far has been good to me,laughed more,smiled more
What more can I ask???

A lot has been going on.
Last week Thursday I took  cloth materials I want to sew to a tailor.
I want a fitted gown,eight pieces cut with off shoulder and low back but some how I felt the tailor didn't get the design so I decided to change it.
Yesterday 4:58pm, I went back to her shop to change the design.
After telling her what I want,she said I have to add money for the change in design.
I replied her but the new design is simple nothing fancy or elaborate so why add money.
She said,that for 2 days,she had no light in her shop and to sew the clothe she needs to run her generator and fuel is now 200 naira a litre(formerly 87naira a litre)
I couldn't argue any further in the area I live for 4 days we had light for a little more than 2hrs and the current shortage in supply of fuel  as a result of subsidy fears has led to hike in the  price.
What more can one do but hope for the best.
Till we see in June wish you all the very best.
Stay connected and remain blessed!!

From me to you with love

Counting down the month of May.
In a week and three days time May 2015 is history.
Time to take stock,how far have you gone in working towards your goals??
Sometimes you're almost there and something happens and kills the moment.
 What do you do ??
Hang up and abandon or keep targeting till you hit the mark?
I guess like me,you keep targeting till you get .
That's the spirit!!
Don't ever accept defeat.Keep up the positive attitude.
Your eyes on the prize!That's the way to go.Yes you can.
Just keep doing your best.The result will surely come.
Thanks for stopping by,hope you find the courage to keep moving forward with your goals.
All my love to you and the best always.

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How to identify a scammer.

Beautiful day lovely people!!!
Hope your weekend was restful.

My post today is  "How to identify a scammer".
Last week Tuesday wrote a post on social media,lessons I have learnt so far mentioned scammers because they're everywhere on the internet.
Who is a scammer??
According to the free dictionary by Farlex, a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud.
a deceiver,cheat,a person who exploits the confidence of his victim.
There are different types of scammers dating and romance scammers,fake recruitment sites, 419 scams
                          How to identify a scammer.
Scammers target victims by creating fake profiles.
Once you're in contact with a scammer,they will express strong emotions and suggest you move the relationship to phone or instant messaging.
Scammers often claim to be overseas.They will go a long way of sharing their personal information to gain your trust.
After that they will tell you elaborate story and ask for money,gifts.
They are so desperate,persistent or direct can resolve to blackmail in some cases.
Protect yourself from scams,be careful about how much personal information you share on social media sites.
Report cases of scams.
Read,like and share with your friends.
Thursday is the date hopefully,take care till then
All the best always...


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Tuesday Post: Social Media and me.

Good afternoon beautiful people.
Today am just in the mood for chit-chat , going to be letting you into the world of my adventure with social media.
I like social media.
Am on twitter, my current account is my 4th and only active account( always  forgetting my password but this 4th is a keep)
I have been on facebook since 2009, badoo account not active,yahoo messenger can't remember the last time I used it.
I have google + profile.
                                        LESSONS SO FAR
It's easy to get overwhelmed with social media because it's an open forum. Sometimes you have strangers 'pulling over' at your facebook page giving 'unsolicited' advice or ugly comments.
Get inspired: have fun with the comments,don't allow it to determine you.
Celebrate the positive always.

Connections : There so many connections to be made on social media;business,love,friendships, strangers can be turned to friends and family.
Get inspired: Just like every thing in life use with caution because a lot of negative people out there
Red Alert: beware of scammers.

Learning: Social media is fun,sometimes I just visit 'gossip' blogs for the comments.To have a good laugh. I get inspiration on twitter,facebook,google  plus.I learn new things by just typing keywords,search,read and learn.
Endless opportunity to learn.
Get inspired: The internet has it's good,bad and ugly side.
make your choice on what you want to learn.

Hope you find this useful,please share with your friends :)
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Tips to expect the best always

 It's May,fresh start,new beginnings and high expectations.
Who needs some motivation to start the month???
Me,me,mee and I guess you
Today am sharing tips on how to expect the best always.
You need to keep those goals alive!!!
So this morning I came across these tips and decided to share.

Tips to expect the best
  •  You must choose to expect the best in every situation:it's a choice you have to make in every situation that the best always comes to you and that you can turn the situation to your advantage.
  • Avoid negative talk like plague : complaining,arguing or doom predictions don't engage in them.Anything that drags down your emotions and contradicts your positive expectations.
  • Know that your expectations will come true: when disbelief threat,push it out of your mind and affirm again that you know that your expectations will happen.

I hope you challenge yourself to be motivated by these tips.
What other tips you think can help,please share in the comments box.
Let's learn more,#sharingiscaring
All the best in May!!!
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