Monday Post:Mixture of events.

Happy New week lovelies,hope you had a great weekend!!!
This past week has been very eventful,from the viral stories like the Orekoyas whose nanny kidnapped their 3kids,(thankfully the kids have been released and the nanny arrested) to South Africans xenophobic attack on immigrants to the strange illness in Ode Irele town of Ondo State that killed victims within 24hours.

Now  down to personal events,my past week too had it's fair share  of events Thursday ,I resumed writing my own post. I also got more comments on the blog.
so loving it *thumbs up to you!*
I am official 2weeks in my new assignment 'offline'.
Chizoba is always on the move looking for greener pasture
My cousin celebrated 17years of marriage this weekend am pulling out  the drums to celebrate their union,love and commitment over the years.

This  is to Chief and Lolo Nwanegbo more blessedness!!!!

To you all my dear friends,love always and keep doing the good you do.
All the best!!!
Give me your thoughts love hearing from you. How 'crazy' has your past week been.
Remember to keep a date with me on Thursday.


  1. Happy anniversary to your cousin.

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  2. Thanks all for your kind comments.
    Nkem and Gloria I saw something interesting @ about contributing articles to cosmopolitanng,you can check it out.

  3. Congratulations to your cousin, best wishes!


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