Lovin:What about Ex......

Since Monday I made a post, I have been thinking what to write next.
I searched the internet for ideas.
But the most trending topics this week was the 2015 Oscars.
Am not much of a 'film' person and worst off I didn't watch the Oscars so how can I write on something I don't know much about?
Still   scratching my brain for ideas.
Thursday morning as early as 2.30am, I ran into this gif on the internet.
My first reaction was 'a big laugh out loud' moment and I decided to share.
My mind also raced with some questions like:
What is your thought about being friends with an ex after a break up???
My answer, No one ever enters a relationship and 'jinx' it for failure.
The expectation is friendship, love and happily ever after (at least as a she, I don't know for guys)
But when 'things fall apart', it is time to 'kiss' you good bye, wishing you the best I wish myself.
I don't 'buy' the idea of being friends after a break up though we are not enemies.
 But sweet heart we can't be friends.
My life will be less complicated.
We broke up for a reason, 'no hard feelings', let's keep it that way.
If we still want to work things out, it's a different thing but besides that there's no 'us ' and we need the distance to refocus our emotions.
What's your opinion about being friends with an ex.
Let's get talking, share for more insight.
Please drop your comments, would like to hear from you.
Have a restful weekend.
Love always.

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