# 8 days countdown:Reasons we need Peace in Nigeria.

February 14 2015: Nigeria decides.
This year election poll in Nigeria is scheduled on Valentine’s day, a day celebrated by the world for love.
How much love do you have for Nigeria?
#8 days countdown to decide let’s embrace peace.
Voting is not fighting!!!!!
We need love!!!
Say NO to violence!!
Personally am not campaigning for any candidate.
My stance is let the 'best' person emerge and whoever that is, I will support.
Yes, because I don't have any other place I can call home expect Nigeria.
At this age and time as a nation, we can't afford to be war refugees, separated from loved ones, loss of lives and properties with all the hellish acts of war like rape, extreme health disorders and diseases.
Considering our population, no country will readily accept us as refugees.
Am yet to figure that out.
The peace of this nation is my peace.
Yes, there's corruption, poor infrastructure, unemployed and underemployed youths.
But can we prosper in war???
Election to me is just a 'game of life'.
And in every 'game of life', there must be a winner and a loser.
No one actually prepares to loss but losing is inevitable, it happens.
That I lost today doesn't in anyway mean am a loser.
I have won so many battles that one defeat is just a step up game!!
Yes, that's the way life goes.
And that I win all the time does not mean it's my 'exclusive' right.
Life has it's drama with many twists heres and theres, ups and downs, that's the reality of life.
Cry sometimes, laugh sometimes moments.
Am using this opportunity to call on Nigerian youths.
Yes, youths because in most cases a 50 something year old can't easily over power electoral officers and snatch ballot box without the help of a youth.
Dear youth, don't allow your conscience to be bought with momentary inducement, eat today die tomorrow no dey pay.
You're better than that!!
You're a light and the vision of this nation.
Joel 2:28;"....and your young men will see vision".
You're a visioner, do the right thing.
Remember one man one vote.
At the end of the day, let Nigeria be the winner not an individual or group of individuals.
Peace and Love always.
Let's create the awareness of no violence during and after elections.
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