Welcome to Chizzysignature

 Happy New Year!!!
Welcome to Chizzysignature, this blog is all about inspiring, educating, entertaining and encouraging you to live your dream.
Three years ago, I had this idea to start a blog because I like writing. (Natural ability)
But I didn't know how to go about it, meaning I didn't know what to blog, in fact I was clueless so I decided to focus more on building a stable career and luckily within that period I got my first big break with Wema Bank as a DSA.
But barely three months on the job, Wema Bank decided to withdraw DSA program and upgrade it to Relationship Officers we're asked to resign and reapply. In the new selection process, I wasn't reabsorbed.
I felt so heartbroken, but after a while I dusted myself and gave it another shot, this time it took me to Union Assurance as a Risk Adviser.
Am not a regular blog reader but in my new place, my colleagues will be like did you read Linda Ikeji blog,Lailasblog,SDK they kept at it that at one time I just started reading so I would have something to say and that was how I reconnected back to my dream of starting a blog.
But again I still don't know what to blog, I like the celebrity gist I read from these blogs but that is not my niche.
I thought of making it a make-up blog, because I like make-up and I sell cosmetics. I just need to go to make-up school so I can learn how to do professional make-up.

I was still on it when the idea struck, why not inspire, you have this natural ability of encouraging and building lives, why not turn the blog to an inspirational, educating, fun blog, immediately I caught the idea, it struck and that's how chizzysignature.blogspot was conceived.
Am so happy to share it with you.
Welcome on board because this blog is about you and me doing great things.
Happy 2015!!!!
Give me your thoughts on this.


  1. Hey Chizzy, i never knew you blog. i just stumbled on your blog now.
    Wow! already 3months, just keep at it and never let anything stop you
    I'll be visiting more often

  2. Thanks a lot Nkem for taking time to drop a comment and for your encouragement.Am looking up to you for inspiration.


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